Constant beep in your ear? Tinnitus treatment with otoplastis and earplugs.

If you are dealing with Tinnitus, we advise you to contact your doctor for further treatment. We are not physicians, but experience experts and we will gladly help you to avoid developing symptoms or to prevent further damage. If you have Tinnitus, you already have hearing damage and you have to be extra careful with your ears to prevent worse. The moment you already have damage, your ears are even more susceptible to further damage. In any case, consult a doctor and discuss how Rave Safe can support you when you go to crowded places.

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ravesafe Constant beep in your ear? Tinnitus treatment with otoplastis and earplugs.

The difference between otoplastics and earplugs

Otoplastics are custom made earplugs. These are expensive because they are made specifically for your ears. Our partyplugs are universal in fixed sizes, as are those of Rave Safe. The costs are much lower as the production is fully standardized. The aim of both earplugs is exactly the same. Both reduce the number of decibels to a level at which you do not suffer any damage. The difference is in use and in preference. Generally, otoplastics are very suitable for daily use. If you do not need to use them every day, then partyplugs are fine. Or if you want to have a standard set in several places or clean and fresh earplugs regularly. No complaints yet? Even better! Prevention is better than cure. Order your earplugs here.  

What others say about RAVE SAFE

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Fantastic. Everything remains intelligible and the earplugs fall deep into my ear.

– Wasim V.

Take care of your senses, and protect your ears.

We experience the most beautiful moments in life together. Take care of your senses and protect your ears. Raving = ensuring protection, every time. Simple. Rave safely.

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What others say about RAVE SAFE

Other people remain intelligible, just like the music. After a while I no longer feel the earplugs in my ears.

– Jan K.

Our Startsets

Suitable for Festivals, Concerts, Clubbing and Cinemas

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