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What is Tinnitus?

Whether or not you’ve already heard of this term, chances are that you’ve experienced it perhaps more than once. You may even -although we hope you don’t- suffer from it every day. Tinnitus means that you hear sounds that are not there. This might sound scary, but have you ever had a beep in your ears after going out? That’s also a form of Tinnitus. If you are exposed to loud sounds for too long, it can cause that annoying squeaky sound. This type is also called ‘disco-tinnitus’. A funny term for a not-so-funny problem. Fortunately, in most cases, your hearing is restored after a night’s sleep. But if you expose yourself more and more often to excessive noise, you run the risk of permanent symptoms and hearing problems.

Did you know that one in three adults sometimes experiences these kind of hearing problems in their daily life? They experience a clear tone of at least a few seconds in their ear. You’d go insane! As owner of Rave Safe I have had to learn the hard way. I also got permanent Tinnitus from parties. Those nights out were a bitter lesson. Fortunately, we are increasingly aware of the effect of noise pollution. However, especially when you are young you just want to live in the moment and don’t want to think about tomorrow. Plus, partyplugs are unfortunately not cool yet. But we are changing that!

Meaning of Tinnitus

“The sounds arise because the auditory organ or the nerves – without any sounds – transmit signals that get the meaning” sound “in the brain. Damage in the last part of the hearing organ or changes in the nerves or the brain are the cause. Contracting muscles around the ear or problems in the middle of the ear can cause Tinnitus symptoms. Other causes of tinnitus are abnormalities of blood vessels in the head or high blood pressure, which cause a beating or tapping sound in the rhythm of the heartbeat.” Source: manual on Tinnitus  

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Who gets Tinnitus?

You can not predict is always in advance who will or will not get Tinnitus or other forms of hearing damage. It turns out that an estimated 1 in 10 Dutch people suffer from Tinnitus to a greater or lesser extent every day. When you regularly expose yourself to too many sounds -such as during concerts, in a club, or during festivals- you increase the risk of hearing damage. Medication, drugs, alcohol and hereditary hearing impairment can also pose a risk. (Source: Tinnitus manual)

What are the consequences of Tinnitus?

The effects of Tinnitus can be drastic. Imagine that you can never turn off the sound, that beep, that you continuously hear. Hearing damage and perceiving (to a greater or lesser extent) a sound that does not go away, have many consequences. You may have to deal with hearing impairment, but also insomnia and depression. It also causes you to be tested emotionally. It can make you feel incredibly powerless so you may feel anger, sadness, and loneliness.

You suffer from a constant beep or ringing noise, now what?

Make sure that you do not expose your ears to even more loud noises, to prevent more damage. Make an appointment with your doctor. They can help you and refer you to an ENT doctor. They will examine your symptoms, where they come from, and how your symptoms may be treated.

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Great earplugs! I have used them at many parties. I’m happy with it!

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