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Replacement set of Pro & Ultimate filters (duo)


A set (duo) of replacement filters for the Rave Safe Pro- & Ultimate-Startset or Eeartips.

Eartips not included.

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Certification data (according to EN-352-2:2002)

ProFilter colorSNRHML
Pro 15 dBPurple16 dB16 dB13 dB11 dB
Pro 20 dBGrey19 dB19 dB17 dB14 dB


UltimateFilter colorSNRHML
Ultimate 15 dBBlue15 dB15 dB13 dB12 dB
Ultimate 20 dBWhite17 dB15 dB18 dB18 dB
Ultimate 25 dBBlack20 dB19 dB19 dB18 dB