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The PRO-Startset makes it possible to enjoy festivals, clubbing, concerts & cinemas as much as possible without the risk of damaging your hearing. The PRO-Startset is a high quality, reusable, hearing protection with universal fit (3 sizes) that is specially designed for situations in which you listen to loud music for hours. The acoustic membrane filters of the PRO-Startset provide you with full-frequency attenuation so you can enjoy sound safely.

The PRO-Startset contains three different sizes of earplugs (Small + Medium + Large), with which you can vary. Check out our accessories if you want to add a neckcord or an other tool to your order.

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  • PRO-Startset for Festivals, Clubbing, Concerts & Cinemas

Advanced filter technology

The PRO-Startset contains advanced acoustic membrane filters. The earplugs make it possible to hear speech, music and warning sounds when you are in an environment with a lot of noise. The membrane filter in the earplug is permeable to air, and minimizes the occlusion effect (low frequency emphasis) for optimal comfort. This way you never have the feeling that you are isolated from your environment.

Earplug & filter design

The part of the earplug that goes into your ear is made biodegradable polyethylene. The human body can not react allergic to this material. It is very comfortable to wear for a long time and is easy to put in the ear. Before wearing the earplugs, please follow the instructions as described in the manual. The PRO filters naturally offer sound with professional speech intelligibility and ensure complete noise reduction to safe listening levels. It is possible to use our Ultimate filters with our Pro eartips.

How to use

The ergonomic biodegradable polyethylene reduces contamination and makes it possible to clean the PRO earplugs easily with tap water and to use them multiple times before disposal. Please read the manual, which is included, about the one (1) year warranty and how to clean and use the earplugs to increase durability.

Good to know

When you lose an earplug, filter or the canister, it is possible to order your lost replacement part separately. In this case please check our accessories.

Certification data (according to EN-352-2:2002)

Product type Filter color SNR H M L
Pro 20 dB Grey 19 dB 19 dB 17 dB 14 dB

What’s inside

  • 3 sizes of earplugs (Small + Medium + Large);
  • 20dB PRO filters;
  • Canister in your favorite color;
  • User manual.

Additional information

Eartip material

Biodegradable polyethylene

Filter type

Acoustic membrane


Canister included, neckcord, placement- & removaltool are optional.

Earplug sizes

Small: Ø 10,7mm, Medium: Ø 12,2mm, Large: Ø 13,7mm, Extra large:
Ø 14,8mm (all are included in startset)