Buying partyplugs!? Get rid of that beep in your ear after going out.

Partying, dancing, laughing, enjoying a night out. Coming home is less enjoyable. Instead of pumping beats, you suddenly have a beep in your ear. Then just go to sleep again. For many of us, that beep is part of the experience, synonymous with the good life. However, it's not really necessary.

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ravesafe Buying partyplugs!? Get rid of that beep in your ear after going out.

Going out = ringing ears?

No way, if you allow too many decibels to pump through your ear, you run the risk of getting tinnitus every evening. Tin- what? Yes, that is what we mean, hearing damage. No joke and certainly not cool. Enjoy your music, your way. This is your evening, your moment. Chatting and catching up with people is not an option, that’s how much you go with the music’s flow. Do you want to enjoy the whole evening and perhaps continue the night with an after party in the morning? Wherever and whenever you go, Rave Together, Rave Safely. Go out with Rave Safe. Hip and handy hearing protection so you can go out all night without worrying about tomorrow or later.

What are partyplugs?

The simple explanation? They are earplugs, but really good and specifically designed to prevent hearing damage. They are designed in such a way that they do not stand out when you wear them. And you do not have to buy a new set for every party. Because they can be used several times, it is useful to add a storage case to your order. This way you only pay for what you really need. You decide. Your life. Your rules. Your ears. The set gives you complete protection under all circumstances. The earplugs have been specifically developed for the moments when you listen to loud music for a long time. Thanks to our partyplugs, you prevent hearing damage. And the filters are air-permeable. Your ear continues to breathe, which is a pleasant side effect.

What others say about RAVE SAFE

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Good earplugs, once you’re used to it, you do not want anything else!

– Giovanni Z.

Take care of your senses, and protect your ears.

We experience the most beautiful moments in life together. Take care of your senses and protect your ears. Raving = ensuring protection, every time. Simple. Rave safely.

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ravesafe Buying partyplugs!? Get rid of that beep in your ear after going out.

What exactly do partyplugs do?

If you’re in a small space when going out, decibels get louder. You are with your friends and you try to keep it cozy. You’re going to talk louder and louder to make yourself heard. Result? Not really a relaxing evening and a raw throat. Partyplugs help you to party in a relaxed way. The sharp edge of the loud music is taken away. So that you hear exactly what you would like to hear. Good music. And you can focus more on your environment.

For whom are partyplugs suitable?

For everyone who likes a party. Or two. Even after being exposed to loud music for one time, you can sustain permanent hearing damage. So be well prepared and Rave Safely.

When do you use partyplugs?

Concert, festival, going out, in the pub, wherever you are exposed to loud music. Go out well prepared with the partyplugs from Rave Safe. Only for sissies? I do not think so! Hearing protection is increasingly being used and found normal. Because it is not so tough to come home with a beep in your ear. We are increasingly aware of the consequences and the dangers of too loud music. That means party hard, enjoy, but Rave Safely with hearing protection. Worry-free fun, all the time.

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What others say about RAVE SAFE

Great earplugs! I have used them at many parties. I’m happy with it!

– Daphne D.

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