Buy your festival earplugs and party earplugs here!

Yes! The festival season is not waiting for anyone. The dates for 2018 are already known. The weekends are already marked in your calendar. Preppings are going well. Just wait for that final line-up. Fingers crossed for your favorite on the main stage. So what, that is still maximum enjoyment. Already ordered tickets? Complete your festival essentials with festival earplugs. You can enjoy carefree and safely rave together.

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ravesafe Buy your festival earplugs and party earplugs here!

What are festival earplugs?

Partyplugs are universal earplugs in various sizes that you can put in your ear. They ensure that you can enjoy carefree the best line-ups and rave safely this summer. You order your earplugs in a handy package so that you do not have to lose them. Carefree enjoyment during your summer full of festivals with your own partyplug festival earplugs.

What exactly do festival earplugs do?

The earplugs ensure that you can party throughout the summer without any problems. They lower the incoming decibels (yes also on Decibel outdoor …) to a level where you will not suffer any hearing damage. I hear you think: then I hear less. Nope! You’ll still hear anything for maximum enjoyment. The sharp edges of the sound are muted so you do not immediately get Tinnitus if you accidentally walk past one of the speakers at the venue.

What others say about RAVE SAFE

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Good earplugs, once you’re used to it, you do not want anything else!

– Giovanni Z.

Take care of your senses, and protect your ears.

We experience the most beautiful moments in life together. Take care of your senses and protect your ears. Raving = ensuring protection, every time. Simple. Rave safely.

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ravesafe Buy your festival earplugs and party earplugs here!

For whom are festival earplugs suitable?

For everyone who likes a party. Or two. Being exposed to too loud sounds -even just once- can permanently damage your hearing. So be well prepared and Rave Safely.

Do you see the festival earplugs?

If you look closely, you can see them, but it’s better to be prepared for the festival grounds, right? And you immediately address a topic of conversation when someone asks for it.

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What others say about RAVE SAFE

Great earplugs! The earplugs are very comfortable, even after prolonged use.

– Jan K.

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