Buying earplugs? Check out the best earplugs against noise pollution here.

Which earplugs are the most suitable for me? Our earplugs are designed smartly with a perfect fit to filter only that sound which is harmful to you. Compare our Startsets below!

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rave safe Buying earplugs? Check out the best earplugs against noise pollution here.

Compare our Earplugs

Compare our top quality earplugs with advanced acoustic membrane filtersystems. Or do you want to compare other brands of earplugs first?

Buying earplugs? Check out the best earplugs against noise pollution here. party ravesafe

Buy our earplugs, this is our promise to you:

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Choose the earplugs that suits you best. You only pay for what you really need. You decide.

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Top quality earplugs with personal characteristics through the advanced filter systems.

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With our earplugs you can enjoy music. We think it's imporant that the quality of our products is just as good as your next party.

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We donate 1% of every order to the Dutch National Hearing Foundation. This way you contribute to prevent hearing damage on a larger scale.

How it works

Read the ordering process and frequently asked questions below. Shipping is always free. Return also. If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ. Still no answer to your question? Please contact our customer service.

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Are the earplugs reusable?

Yes, all products are reusable. Our partyplugs are more suitable for intensive use. All our partyplugs come with a 1 year warranty in case of damage like cracks or fractures.

Can I still hear everything when wearing the earplugs?

All earplugs contain acoustic filters, which make communication in noisy environments easier. If you choose the right filters for the occasion, communication becomes easier

Is there a lot of difference between the various filters?

ll filters have their own, unique, advanced filter system. The difference between Basic, Pro and Ultimate is that the noise reduction of Ultimate is much flatter on the different frequencies than Basic, and Pro is in between.

What is the most chosen earplug?

Most ‘ravers’ choose Pro, because this set is suitable for long-term use and lasts a long time. The set contains separate parts that are easy to replace at a low cost. Basic is widely worn for single use and Ultimate is suitable for more professional use.

What if I lost a part?

If you have earplugs with lose parts, you can order these separately. On the page with accessories you can indicate which part you need for which earplug. Even if you only have one earplug or filter, you can order these separately. So you do not have to purchase a complete set again.

What if I do not have an answer to my question?

If you can not find the answer to your question here, we encourage you to contact our online customer service team. Provide the customer service representative with your order details if applicable.