Wearing earplugs to protect yourself from loud music? I did’nt think of that!

Until it was too late and I had to deal with a beep in my ear for my whole life. A party in 2011, well that was really not worth it.

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ravesafe Wearing earplugs to protect yourself from loud music? I did’nt think of that!

Why would you wear earplugs?

You go out to a café on Friday night or to dance in a club on Saturday. The music is nice and loud. But so much so that within two hours your cilia in your inner ear get damaged. Having that happen once is not so bad. But what if you go to the club every week or even a few times a week? That should be possible, I’d love that! But how can you do that without the risk of hearing issues?


My thoughts, how can you still enjoy going out, partying and going wherever you want, with less risk of hearing damage? Because nobody deserves that beep. That was the start of my quest for hearing protection, which later became Rave Safe.

In 2015 the first building blocks of Rave Safe were laid and the physical product was developed after a long period of research, further development and testing among the target group.

What others say about RAVE SAFE

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I have not yet been able to test them at a festival, but the earplugs are firmly placed in my ears.

– Klaas J.

Take care of your senses, and protect your ears.

We experience the most beautiful moments in life together. Take care of your senses and protect your ears. Raving = ensuring protection, every time. Simple. Rave safely.

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ravesafe Wearing earplugs to protect yourself from loud music? I did’nt think of that!

Rave together, Rave Safely

I have been fortunate to be able to join hands with great and parties. We stand for quality and thanks to my partners in the whole development, I have been able to put that high on my list. Rave Safe was created with the help of Bart de the Graaff Foundation and BDO Nederland. Thanks to these parties, the range of products, services and information can grow, and Rave Safe has received a mention within the campaign ‘I Love My Ears’, as a supplier of good earplugs. Nowadays Rave Safe is a partner of bol.com. Our goal is to prevent hearing damage in the Netherlands. That is why I donate 1% of every order to the Dutch Hearing Foundation (Stichting Hoormij). This way you protect yourself and contribute to a hearing-damage-free future. I understand you. You don’t feel like doing this at all. But I’ll tell you that when it’s too late and you’re dealing with the consequences, just like me, then you will wish that you could have prevented it in some way. Your Party Essentials? Phone, debit card, and Rave Safe Hearing Protection.

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What others say about RAVE SAFE

Good earplugs, once you’re used to it, you do not want anything else!

– Giovanni Z.

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